iRevo China


Hello, everyone.

I am Peter Ju, the General Manager of iRevo China.
iRevo China, setting up in 2001, is based on Korean success history and always adheres to the core value of 'Customer, Moral and Creative'. It creates the motivation of 'creating of new products and services, in order to provide the most advanced technology for people around the world to live more conveniently and safely. And we finally become leading 'Globalized Digital Door Lock' company.

iRevo – I revolutionized the world
Although begun with the enthusiasm and mission to revolutionize the world, we used to overcome tremendous difficulties in the past decade, for example, global financial crisis, economic construction slow-down, etc. When we are dealing with these problems, the customers always stand by our side. We keep the faith of 'customer will always be our side, and we commit to setup a company that the clients are our focus.'
The outcome is our products became the best brand of Korean digital door locks. Our Korean brand 'GATEMAN' won 'Technical Award of Republic of Korea', 'Certification of New Technology (KT trademark)', 'Excellent Production Design (GD trademark)', 'Governmental Award for Application of New Technology', 'Prime Minister's Award for application of New Technologies', 'President's Award for Enterprises who contributing to the KT Trademarks', 'Management Award for Customer Satisfaction in 3 consecutive years', 'Award for Venture Firm', 'Korean AS Excellence Company', 'First Grade Products in the Next Generation', 'International IF Design Award 2007', 'The best Brand Power Index in 3 consecutive years', 'The best Quality Index in 3 consecutive years' and so on. Through these prizes and awards, it testified that we are the undisputable leading provider in the digital door lock industry. At the same time, with the more than ten years' experience in China, we take the brand of 'Yale' to develop and manufacture the products that are suitable for Chinese Market. And we hope these will continue to sale and eventually become another legend in China.

The global leader in door opening solutions
iRevo now has cooperated with global security devices leading hardware supplier, ASSA ABLOY, to digitalize the exit and entrance culture and living fashion of the people around the world. We continue to sell the brand of 'Yale' products to adapt the need of every country. To reach every corner of the world, we insist to be 'the global leader in door opening solution' and make our efforts to alter the exit and entrance culture and let our products to be the necessity of people's daily life globally. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients by our excellent products and services.

We believe 'Customers will always be with us'.

Thank you all.

Peter Ju (金旻圭)
General Manager (总经理)
iRevo China