How Secured can Smart Homes be?

The internet and advanced technology bring convenience to our way of living. They also build a level of security in our homes like never before.

Keeping your home secure in one go

The Yale Smart Living Home APP offers viable home safety solutions to users in one go. It is linked to other app-enabled products that the Yale Smart Living range offers. By combining installations such as Smart Door Locks, CCTV, Home view WiFi Cameras and Smart Home Alarms, users could build up a customized smart living ecosystem, further enhancing the home security.

With a smartphone or tablet, users can have a full grasp of happenings both inside and outside of the house, freely arm and disarm the alarm system and remotely unlock the door. Apart from digital safes that protect our personal property, a built-in smoke detection function can render an even higher level of protection in case of emergencies. Yale systems and devices are compatible with leading Smart Home Partners such as Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa to offer an elevated user experience.

Real smart homes

Talking about user experience, each smart security system can be tailored to the unique needs of every single home.

For example, when Daniel from Sweden and his family arrive home, the security alarm will be automatically set to off and the door lock will be opened. He also manages the temperature in his home with a mobile app, helping him to reduce energy costs and enjoy the highest comfort.

Elsewhere in South Korea, Jun Bum Lee has a range of smart devices installed in his house, among them a time valve for his gas circuit breaker. In order to avoid any gas-related accidents, the gas circuit breaker's automatic control turns off after it has been on for 40 minutes, offering safety benefits which he particularly appreciates.