Opening Doors with Next Generation Technology

Imagine the joy of being able to open doors with your Android or iOS smartphone.

Unlocking doors with a physical key or key card is something of the past. No more keys to carry, drop, or rummage for! Forget about taking a day off to wait for your plumber. With a mobile ID stored on your device, just wave it in front of the sensor to let yourself in, or authorize access wherever you are with a digital key code. 

Yes. The future is here.

HID Twist & Go

From keys, smart cards to Twist & Go

Key and lock technology has eased the way we move through the world, but HID Global revolutionize the routine with the highest level of security and flexibility. In a world that demands security professionals do more with less, HID’s mobile keyless access system gives users greater power over access control. Powered by Seos®, this security solution connects effortlessly to ASSA ABLOY’s mobile-enabled locks and readers that support both Bluetooth Smart and NFC.

HID mobile keyless access system

Commercially, it streamlines workflow and improves customer experience for enterprises like never before. Starwood Hotels, for example, have a loyalty program that invites guests to check-in and obtain their room keys before arrival. At highly effective organizations, employees can use their own phone to gain entry to restricted areas. At a residential level, homeowners can feel comfortable letting third-party service providers in while they are away by offering a temporary access code.

Best-in-class security and privacy architecture

The next generation of credential technology will provide the ideal mix of security and flexibility for any organization. Powered by highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure, our technology secures trusted identities on any form factor, including use on any combination of smartphones, smart cards, tablets, wearables, bank cards, keyfobs, inlays and other smart devices.

Its application can be extended beyond physical access control, ranging from computer login and cashless vending to Internet of Things (IoT) applications, time-and-attendance, and secure print authentication, tailored for enterprise, education, government, and hospitality.