LL6000 Series

■ Specific Features


Digital LockerLock 6000 Series adopts automatic locker closing and opening method using the touch key, passcode buttons, or RF card.


Model : LL65AP-1, LL65AP-2


■ Descriptions

  - Use of passcode or touch key
  - Possible to use of key or password, use both of key and password, 1 time or permanent use of passcode
  - Automatic closing/opening of lock
  - LED lamp to show the state
  - Green (accepted) or red (denied) lighting
  - Buzzer to indicate the state and possible power resetting
  - Alarm of discharged dry batteries and the lamp to show the time for replacement of dry batteries
  - Light weight without excessive load to the locker and hinges
  - Three-step control system (Owner-Master-User)
  - Deletion of registration of a user key when the master key is used (Patented)
  - Buzzing sound at approval, denial, registration, or deletion of a key
  - Alarm at forced opening/closing
  - Possible confirmation by the user
  - Possible setting of cleaning key
  - Possible confirmation of theft
  - Use of two AA batteries (usable up to 18 months, 10 times/day). Note 2)
  - Possible to use of external power source


■ Specification

Application Golf bag locker, valuables locker, wardrobe, various storage lockers, file cabinet, and mailbox, etc.

Front : Black, Gold, Silver, Ivory(LL65AP-2)

Front-Case : Gold, Silver

Main body : Light-Gold

Front : 52mm * 118mm * 16mm

Rear : 66mm * 118mm * 24mm

Battery Two AA batteries
Material PC/ABS Alloy