InterActiveCorp (IAC) Headquarters Building

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The newly completed IAC Headquarters Building features the distinct nonlinear design elements that set the buildings apart from the traditional rectangular form.


The facade of the building—created by sloped concrete columns and cold-warped glass—gives the appearance of a large ship. This unique building design, IAC proudly boasts on its corporate website, serves as a visual tribute to the innovation and creativity that are hallmarks of the companies within, including, the Home Shopping Network, Ticketmaster, Tinder and


Inside the building, approximately 700 openings are equipped with doorway solutions from ASSA ABLOY. The doorways consist of CURRIES doors and frames, FOLGER ADAM electric strikes, McKINNEY hinges, RIXSON pivots and floor closers and SARGENT locks and hardware. Hidden below the surface of these openings and out of sight to everyone but the installer is the ASSA ABLOY ElectroLynx wiring system. Each of the doorway components—the door, frame, hinges and pivots, electric strikes and locks—came prewired with Molex connectors that plug-in to one another, creating a fully hardwired opening with little effort. This sensible solution makes connecting an opening clean and easy. The plugs and wiring are concealed within the components to preserve the aesthetics of the opening and facilitate future hardware changes. Therefore, the solution is highly recognized by the IAC team.