Samsung Headquarters Building

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In his complicated project, the owner requires high quality American standard hardware and solutions tailored for areas of different functions (e.g. office/conference/dining/hotel).


All solutions must be managed in an integrated and seamless way. The project also has very strict quality control over fire doors, especially in areas like IT server rooms and tube wells that are close to passages and stairwells.

Fire doors with excellent air-tightness must be used to quickly block the spread of local high-temperature fire points under strong wind pressure. Air-tightness must reach level 7 by Chinese standard (level 8 is the highest), equivalent to the highest level by Korean standard, which is undoubtedly a big challenge to the current Chinese fire door companies (usually the airtightness of domestic fire doors is at about level 5).


It is known that ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions and ASSA ABLOY Tianming, experienced in high-end construction projects, have prepared high quality design solutions tailored for the project. ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, with its premium and complete product lines, rich technical experiences, and professional hardware consulting capabilities, provides comprehensive door control hardware solutions with American standard in the majority and European standard products as a supplement, not only serving various functions within the building, but also ensuring the optimum performance of security, lifespan, and purchasing cost.

While providing fire doors beyond industrial standards, ASSA ABLOY Tianming tried its best to meet the project’s requirements by adopting technologies for improving air-tightness of fire doors. It will supply all fire door units, 2200 in total, for the Samsung headquarters building, including steel fire doors, steel doors, stainless steel doors and fire resistance rolling shutter doors.