Wireless Access control

Model no
ㆍ AAFR-DT(Single)
ㆍ AAFR-DB(Double)
Product Features
ㆍStand-aloneElectronic Wireless Access Control lockset.
ㆍwith RFID Proximity reader.
ㆍPowered by 4xAA batteries that provide up to 12 months normal usage .
ㆍ500 event audit trail .
ㆍStainless Steel Escutcheon.
ㆍ2 alternative Stainless Steel handles.
ㆍHigh security mortise lockcase available in two European versions.
ㆍPanic release function – the deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle for easy egress in emergency situations.
ㆍ3 point steel latch construction with an antifriction mechanism.
ㆍHigh quality card reader that reads with optimal accuracy.
Working Conditions
ㆍAnti-Static Interference: >15000V
ㆍWorking Humidity: 20%-98%
ㆍWorking Temperature:-20°C - +70°
ㆍRFID Card Type: ISO14443A MIFARE®
ㆍFrequency: 13.56MHz
ㆍInduction Distance: Approx. 30mm
Door Opening Time
ㆍOpen the door after pressing the handle, automatically locks within 5 seconds
Under Voltage Indication
ㆍEarly warning given for low batteries - units will continue to operate for approximately 50 times until such time the batteries can be changed
Lever Designs
Access Cards
ㆍUser Cards : Opens locks (which it has been granted applicable access rights) within the “Access Control System” within a specific time period. The access rights for each user are programmed by the software and encoder
User cards will not open doors that have the internal ‘Privacy mode’ set
ㆍPlug-in-and-Play USB Card Encoder
ㆍEasy to learn and use: it easily assigns new users and cards, it modifies them or invalidates lost or stolen cards
ㆍPrograms all Cards Types except for the Special IC card, which is used to activate the software management system
ㆍReads the audit trail of locks and cards
ㆍWindows® based
Door Access Controller Wall Reader
ㆍRFID Door Access Controller Wall Reader can be used on an entry door as part of the complete wireless access control system. It can also be used on any other common area doors in the building
ㆍThe RFID Door Access Controller Wall Reader can be used with a number of different electronic lock types. Compatible with electronic magnets, drop bolts, motorized locks and electric strikes
ㆍIncludes the correct power supply and request to exit button (REX) on the inside of the door to allow convenient free egress for all users

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