■ Specific Features


Loxury is a compound word of Lock and Luxury and it means premium digital locker lock comes from its design and function.
Luxury series is a high-end and high class premium brand of Unilock.

Loxury V : Touch sensitive password code and proximity RFID locker lock


Model : LL85TR



■ Descriptions (LOXURY-Ⅴ)

  - Model : LL85TR
  - Touch sensitive password code and RFID tag(card)
  - One time or permanent password mode
  - Security doubled with "And" mode (touch key and password)
  - Touch activated keypad
  - Melody and intuitive LED icons
  - In use LED lighting
  - 3 key management levels (owner-master-user)
  - User key deleted while use master key (defined last user)
  - Last user can be identified
  - Burglar alarming function
  - Optional master passcode
  - Optional cleaners key
  - Door handle design
  - Using 3 AA size batteries lasts up to 18 months
  - External 9V battery connectors


■ Specification

Application golf courses, schools, public offices, hospitals, R&D labs and so on
Color Black & White backlight, Black & Green Backlight

Front : 60mm * 122mm * 20.2mm

Main body : 67.2mm * 133mm * 26.5mm


Three AA alkaline batteries
Material PC/ABS Alloy